“Money never sleeps, pal”

/ Gordon Gekko, wall street


If you’re here, it means that you’re happy with our work and ready to start a brilliant partnership with us.
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Here’s what you’ll get with your subscription

A new website (obviously)

We’re professional website creators. We’re also artists. We will custom make a website according to what WE think is best for your brand. If you already have something in mind, we’re not for you. We create, we don’t execute.

Need a domain name?

We technically cannot provide domain names as we’re not re-sellers BUT we partner with “Namecheap” who are probably the simplest and cheapest in the market.

We use wordpress

That’s right, we use the most popular web CMS on the market so should you decide to leave us, you can simply download your entire website and have someone else take care of it.

Better ready than sorry

All our websites come with a SSL certificate and we install 2 plugins against malwares and other security holes. We also go through Cloudflare so that it’s REAAAAALLY safe.

A real brand

Setting up your business and need an identity? We’re here to help. We’ll work with you to pinpoint what your brand is and how to visually make it real.

Unlimited emails

With our hosting services, you get unlimited mailboxes which include accesses to your desktop/mobile software and/or a webmail platform.

We love the planet

Our hosting solution is 100% eco friendly. Powered by wind energy, the servers are always getting the cool they need without the pollution.

All the maintenance

We backup your website and do all the necessary updates for it to run smoothly. Something that most web agencies won’t do.

DIVI builder

On top of the WordPress structure, we will design your website with the DIVI system. It’s a web interface that allows you to design your own web pages, should you want to do so. Otherwise, we’re here to help.

Want to know more about DIVI?


We have the lluxury to choose our clients and we love create interactions and business opportunities amongst our partners. Joining us is not just a web service, it’s being part of a business network.

Need a website?

Need someone to take care of it?

J12 is THE web agency you need. No extravagant fees, no chasing someone for updates, we're always here for you.