The Cercle AWAP has been founded and is managed by experimented Independent Wealth Managers. Being in the business for many years, we are very familiar with the needs and concerns of IWM’s. We put all our energy and all our skills to put in place a structure that meets all the IWM needs.

The AWAP Circle philosophy is geared to keeping your independence in all levels of management policy. Members have access to AWAP’s internal services, developed for IAMs, but also free access to the services of professional external providers at preferential rates.



AWAP already had a brand but was a bit dusty so we decided to modernise it with simple lines. However, it was decided by the client to go step by step so we simply updated the purple tones.

We also updated the font for something more institutional.

The website

The AWAP website was probably the most challenging we had to make. In addition to many textual contents, we had to build an entire membership system where people could log in and have access to certain pages in the website. Thanks to WordPress and the numerous free plugins, a simple solution was found.

We also wanted to integrate videos to introduce the concept to the audience.

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