GENEVIÈVE “G” Bauhofer helps experienced professionals, leaders, senior managers and executive committees picture what’s possible, build their vision and achieve results. Whether she’s coaching, mentoring, facilitating or public speaking, she’s full of life, energy and passion for really engaging with people.



The “G” brand was super interesting to work on because not only we were tackling a business brand but a personal as well. As a coach, we wanted to push G’s charismatic personality. People call Geneviève “G” so we wanted to reflect this aspect on the logo.

G loves the colour orange so we spit a pop orange/red for the enthusiastic aspect and some dark grey background for the chic and business feeling.

The website

The website had to inform the audience with what G could bring but also inspire them with strong messages. We decided to make a video because G works a lot on 1 to 1.

The colours reflect the branding and the make the entire website feels alive

We added a blog section for a better SEO optimisation.

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