Founded by Karel Leeflang, Strategypod uses its business experience with data science and cutting-edge analytic tools to extend the value of clients’ existing and knowledge and data.

Strategypod has offices in Geneva, London, New York, Philadelphia and San Fransisco.



Strategypod branding has been revamped by J12. We took a very rebellious approach because we thought that it would be tough for a startup to compete with mastodont brands like McKinsey or Bain

We wanted to position Strategypod as the startup that would outperform big corporation competitors with agility and new technologies.

For the strategic aspect, we thought of a knigh chess piece logo.

The colours are grey with modern yellow touches.

The website

Like all one-page website, we wanted to tell a story with an institutional perspective. The welcoming image shows that even small games can have a strategy (rock-paper-scissors). The tattooed arm on the right represents Strategypod that wins the game against big corporations.

We wanted to give some air to a heavy textual content communication by breaking the flow with some images.

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