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1. Subscription and Payment

a. Our web agency offers subscription-based services at the rates of $50 per month for businesses and $30 for non-profit organizations.
b. Clients have the option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
c. Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time, with the cancellation taking effect from the following month.
d. Yearly subscriptions are non-refundable if canceled before the end of the term.

2. Services Provided

a. Our agency provides website development, maintenance, backup, security, updates, and occasional print services such as business cards and flyers.
b. We also offer branding and vibe concepts as part of our services.
c. Clients are expected to communicate their requirements and preferences, as our approach is tailored to their needs.

3. Client Satisfaction

a. Clients are not obligated to start the subscription until they are completely satisfied with the website created for them.
b. We aim to establish a partnership based on trust and mutual understanding.

4. Location

a. Our web agency is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

5. Our Way or the Highway

a. We specialize in providing creative solutions and value our expertise in website design and branding.
b. Clients who already have a clear vision and specific requirements may not find our services suitable.
c. We encourage clients who appreciate our approach and trust our expertise to join us.

6. J12 Community and Network

a. By subscribing to our services, clients become part of the J12 community and network.
b. This allows for interactions and potential business opportunities within our network.

Please note that the above Terms and Conditions are subject to change, and any modifications will be communicated to clients in a timely manner. By subscribing to our services, clients acknowledge and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.